15" Montura Charra Chomite Negra Con Machete Horse Charro Saddle Black

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Esta montura charra  hecha a mano negra de excelente calidad es importada de Mexico. Montura Charra con diseño que se extiende desde la silla de montar hasta el paquete completo, con pecho-pretal, cabezada, y correones.

Charro saddle is handmade and made in Mexico and features cushioned seat,  custom design extends from the saddle to the complete tack package including breastcollar, headstall, and spur straps. It features wood saddle tree.


Tree(fuste) : wood

Horn(cabeza) : 7"

Seat(asiento) : 15" with cojin 

Saddle(montura) : 30" Length x 38.5" Width

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