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Leather Horse Cribbing Collar Strap

Leather Horse Cribbing Collar Strap

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1" wide leather cribbing strap features alumnium cribbing bar and nickel plated hardware. Fully adjustable, allows for more comfort but still prevents horse from cribbing. Can be positioned from either side of horse.

What is cribbing?

The term cribbing is used to describe the behavior of a horse who rests his top teeth on a relatively stationary object and sucks air into his throat. Cribbing is often associated with stress and frustration in horses. It can develop when horses are working in high-stress situations, such as focused training. It can also occur in horses who are subjected to tight management practices that involve confining them to stalls for long periods of time without breaks for foraging. Studies have shown that horses can develop cribbing behavior even when they live in a pasture with other horses

Common Features in horses who crib.

Front tooth wear High energy level, impatience and restlessness Difficulty in maintaining weight Thickened neck muscles Stomach ulcers and a history of colic Sport horse breeding

For more info about cribbing please refer to ASCPA

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